We enable the metaverse where anyone can express themselves by maximizing their digital possibilities. Our website is under construction and we thought this page will be useful in the meantime!
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Get OFF physical limits!

We enable the metaverse where anyone can express themselves by maximizing their digital possibilities.

In this virtual world, our future users will have multi-personas and engage in various social and economic activities.

These multi-persona do NOT necessarily inherit the attributes of the real user (legal, biological, and physical constraints), BUT refers to a new identity defined by the user's free will.

What can you do with Multi-Persona?


Chat real time(Azar), broadcast(Twitch), or take a videos(TikTok) to share.

Show real you

Free to express without any physical constraints.

Economic Reward

Users who induce positive impact to another will got rewarded.

Our Culture

All Remote

Asynchronous communication & document first
Efficiency and impact (over working many hours)
Working in a way optimal for you, company will support


We design & provide live avatars to our members
Not curious about your legal age, name, nationality, gender, or physical appearance
All members are more than welcome to build and use your new persona in the team
Contribution to the team is the only thing that matters

Growth & Expertise

The best perk comes from the best co-workers
We are collecting the best talents who can accelerate our growth
We believe that when the best talents keep making reasonable attempts, success will follow inevitably.


Roux, Team Lead

co-founded several companies as CTO, former co-founder and COO at Hashed
Efficiency enthusiast, Putting org growth first
#off #soccer #golf #cooking #crypto #data

Kenny, Product Lead

PM, UX, Prototyper, Dev, Researcher, Investor
#runner #gamer #introvert

Dan, Data Lead

Data Scientist, Developer, Trader
Enthusiastic Learner
#tennis #golf

GW, Tech Lead

Seasoned CTO, Full-stack Engineer
Extensive experience in Computer Graphics and Multimedia Application
#C/C++ #lang-agnostic #Steam/PS5

Moana, Product Design

Product design, BX, UI/UX Designer, 3D Model, Video Creator
Tool Explorer with full of curiosity
#yogini #diver #surfer #workhard_playhard

Open Positions

Humanity spends more time in the internet and the metaverse. OFF believes that avatars will be the bridge between physical world and the virtual world.
All Remote
Blockchain Engineer
10/15/2021, 2:48:41 AM

How to apply

Does it sound good for you? Please contact me via email : roux@off.live
Please include the reason why you love the Metaverse/Crypto/Web3.