Blockchain Engineer

3/29/2022, 8:33:00 AM
Not familiar with Blockchain? Although we are not aiming to look for a normal backend engineer, we are open to have a conversation with you. Please let us know if you have interested in Web3.

What we're looking for

We believe that Web3 is going to be the base infra for the internet. We're looking for a person who are on the same page, and would like to build our product on the top of tech stacks of the new internet.


Develop and manage web3 stack, backend infrastructure including Smart Contract.


Metaverse/Web3 Enthusiast
Attention to detail
Excellent communication skills
Deep understanding of technology
Proven record of shipping features on time and on budget
Flexible and focused on solutions
Organized and self-sufficient

What sets you apart?

Experience in production (Solidity)
Expert at managing large-scale application
Experts in AWS / GCP
Basic understanding in Crypto-economics

How to apply

Does it sound good for you? Please contact me via email :
Please send us a coverletter that includes
the reason why you like Metaverse, Crypto and Web3
what impact you would like to make at OFF
(Designer) attach your portfolios.