Motion Graphic Designer

5/24/2022, 12:25:00 AM
One of the most essential missions of MYTY ecosystem is to be creator-friendly. We want to make it easy for Avatar Creators to participate in it and create high-quality avatars, without any major hurdles. To this end, OFF is hiring in-house motion graphic designer(s).
The designer will help advance OFF’s avatar creation package, called the MYTY Kit, by coming at it from a creator’s viewpoint. The main work will revolve around creating new image layers that are needed to compose an avatar, as well as rigging and motion scripting. The designer could also conduct relevant research and give suggestions on how to further advance the MYTY Kit and make it easy-to-use and scalable.
Terms & More
OFF defines Avatar as an image that freely moves, without any restrictions, following the motion, facial expression, and emotion of the user.
Explore here, to learn more about MYTY.


Create Avatar
Define and create image layers to be used for avatar animation.
Extract image layers from NFT avatars.
You can browse through some of market-leading NFT images here.
Rig 2D avatars, and define its motion so that it follows the user's motion.
Improve and Advance the MYTY Kit
Assist product lead and PMs in defining roadmaps and user scenarios.
Provide guidance in making the kit easy-to-use for other motion graphic designers.
Provide UI/UX of Unity UI Controller that needs development.
Note: OFF uses Photoshop and Unity, respectively, for the above work. However, our current Unity working environment has a customized UI based on Spine2D (and some Live2D) components. It should be easy for Spine2D users to adapt.

The Successful Candidate(s) Will Have

2yr+ animation experience
Professional experience as a Modeler or an SFX artist.
Eagerness to learn new tools
Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Preferred Experiences

Spine2D (or other similar tools such as Live2D)
2D animation work
Both full-time and part-time positions are open!