We are OFF — Your scheduling Sidekick!

Aivee is an innovative application that streamlines calendar management by creating events directly from screenshots and photos. Our app analyzes screenshots to extract relevant context and automatically creates events in the user's main calendar. In the future, we plan to expand this into a full-fledged AI assistant.


User-friendly calendar management system
Automatic event creation triggered by taking screenshots
Intelligent analysis of screenshots to determine scheduling relevance and extract context
Seamless integration with user's main calendar
Ability to access contact list for adding invitees
Push notifications for easy event confirmation

Our Culture

Full Remote

 Culture Design Principle

Maintain a high level of proactivity in the group.
Nothing great can be done by a single person, but great things can be achieved with the team.
Organizing and documenting may seem like an additional task, but ultimately it increases efficiency at work
Prioritize a project-oriented organization rather than functional structure organization

All Remote as a digital-native Corp

Remote since day one & work from anywhere you want
Asynchronous communication & documentation first approach
Decentralized decision makings
Efficiency and impact over working many hours
All hands using avatars in Workroom

Growth & Expertise

The best perk comes from the best co-workers
We are collecting the best talents who can accelerate our growth
We believe that when the best talents keep making reasonable attempts, success will follow inevitably.

 Work Perks

Unlimited PTO
High-performance Equipment
No rules rule for corporation credit card
Two weeks of Winter holiday

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We are currently a team of six and prefer to remain as compact as possible. We're seeking a new team member who strongly aligns with our vision. Our team members are located in Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand.
Product Designer
2024/06/15 11:06
Product Designer
2024/06/15 11:06