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We enable the metaverse where anyone can hop off irl, enter the metaverse.

In this metaverse, users can engage in social activities to receive economic rewards with their multi-personas.

Multi-persona may or may not inherit the attributes of the user in real life, such as legal, biological or physical constraints. It refers to a new identity defined by the user's free will.

About Us

OFF is currently building MYTY, which is dedicated to creating an on- and off-chain infrastructure for the avatar-based Web3 Social Metaverse. OFF believes that social interaction in the Web3 will evolve around PFP NFTs, and will continue to expand to form a social metaverse (a decentralized society).
MYTY, an avatar layer for Web3, converts PFP NFTs to live avatars with MYTY Kit. This not only provides utilities to PFP projects, but also allows metaverse creators to use SDK to implement multiple NFTs at ease.

Our Culture

To be aligned with our vision to enable the metaverse where anyone can express themselves by maximizing their imaginations, our entity, OFF, must become a part of the metaverse we wish to create. OFF is the first environment that we are testing our vision.

 Culture Design Principle

Maintain a high level of proactivity in the group.
Nothing great can be done by a single person, but great things can be achieved with the team.
Organizing and documenting may seem like an additional task, but ultimately it increases efficiency at work
Prioritize a project-oriented organization rather than functional structure organization

All Remote as a Web3 Corp

Remote since day one & work from anywhere you want
Asynchronous communication & documentation first approach
Decentralized decision makings
Efficiency and impact over working many hours
All hands using avatars in Workroom
Doodles Drawing Competition


Contribution to the team is the only thing that matters
Not curious about your legal age, name, nationality, gender, or physical appearance
Highly recommend members to join virtual meetings with live avatars
All members are more than welcome to build and use your new persona in the team

Growth & Expertise

The best perk comes from the best co-workers
We are collecting the best talents who can accelerate our growth
We believe that when the best talents keep making reasonable attempts, success will follow inevitably.

 Work Perks

Unlimited PTO
High-performance Equipment
OFF LIFE POINT up to 3200 USD / year (or 4million KRW / year) that can be used for any non-work-related purpose
Two weeks of Winter holiday

 OFF Merchandise



At OFF, everyone uses nickname. We truly believe in a social metaverse where individuals can create multi-personas that is not bounded to physical world.

 Open Positions

Humanity will spend more time in the internet and the metaverse. OFF believes that avatars will be the bridge between physical world and the virtual world/metaverse. We are looking for talented individuals who have aligned vision and goals.
Computer Graphics Engineer
2023/03/09 09:38
Computer Graphics Engineer
2023/03/09 09:38

How to apply

Please contact us through email: with a copy of your resume and cover letter that includes:
why you like metaverse, crypto and web3
what impact you would like to make at OFF
(Designer ONLY) Please attached a copy of your portfolio.